• Creation of Il Vocabolario del fiorentino contemporaneo (Dictionary of Contemporary Florentine Language): project financed by Regione Toscana and Comune di Firenze (first three-year period) and by Federico del Vecchio Bank - Banca Etruria group (second three-year period); 1994-1996/2011-2013.

  • Creation of a single archive collecting 15th and 16th century art treatises; in collaboration with the Fondazione Memofonte, financed by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze; 2013-ongoing.

  • Digitalization and indexing of the main texts (treatises, recipe books, manuals) of Italian gastronomy, from Scienza in cucina by Pellegrino Artusi (1891) to the end of the Second World War (1945) with other relevant previous works . Project in collaboration with Academia Barilla; 2011-ongoing.

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Comparing languages

  • Il gruppo ha lo scopo di monitorare i neologismi e forestierismi incipienti, nella fase in cui si affacciano alla lingua italiana e prima che prendano piede; 2015-in corso.

  • The Piazza aims at the preservation and at carrying out activities for the promotion of multilingualism in the European Union; 2007-ongoing.

  • Promotion of standard/national/official languages of the European Union countries; 2001-2002.

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Italian language in the world

  • Digital integrated archive of didactic materials, iconographic and multimedia texts and documentation for the divulgation of  Italian linguistic and historical-cultural heritage, with special regard to the second and third generation Italians abroad; project FIRB; 2009-2013.

  • The Week of the Italian language in the world promotes, around the world, the Italian language in its different aspects. Every year, a specific subject or a particular area of the language are chosen; in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; from 2001.

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  • Since 2014, the Accademia has created the portal Crusca Scuola which is entirely dedicated to the school and provides verified and up-to-date teaching material.

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Training courses

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Law and administration

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Information tools

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Heritage development

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Structural interventions

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Notices by Crusca

  • Speaker's corner

    La competenza linguistica dei giovani italiani: cosa c'è al di là dei numeri?, by Rosario Coluccia.

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